Hi, I am Becca! My love for the art of reborning began many years ago when I first became a mother. Back then, however, if was impossible for me to have the time or money to try it. Time went on and life went on. For Christmas, a couple of years ago, I decided it was time to ask for my first kit. I spent the months prior watching videos and looking at completed reborn babies and I felt I was ready. During the January that followed, I was busy painting my first reborn baby for my daughter, who also loved the thought of them!  Scary, exciting, and fun. I had a great time bonding with my daughter as she watched me bring the vinyl to life. Once completed, I was hooked.

Reborning is also a sort of therapy for me. I had my tubes tied and then had them untied after regretting the procedure. No more babies have come for my husband and I. So reborning helps me to keep in check the real reasons I want more children. I have found that it is not the babies, the smallness of life, but it’s the will of God that I desire, to want what He plans for me and to put it all back into His hands.

Reborning these babies is something that I do occasionally when I find free time that is for myself. Life is busy in our home, though, and so its hard to find time to reborn vinyl kits full time. We homeschool our three kids, work from home on our family business and try to stay close as a family. The cooking, cleaning, and raising of our precious children after Christ is first and foremost.

My first four babies were given as gifts to my daughter, my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mom. I have very much enjoyed being able to give them something that is a part of me.